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Steph Wendler


Steph Wendler comes from a long line of musicians and artists - generations of pianists and opera singers, dancers and visual artists. For her, being a musician is a family tradition. And being a jazz musician started very young when she would rearrange the Classical composers in ways she preferred to play them. Even then, Jazz was already talking to her.


Her path to becoming an artist has been everything but a straight line. It has zigzagged through any type of expression she could learn from and sink her teeth into - music, dance, fashion, languages, culture, technology, photography, theater, film. If she could try it, she did, and she works with all these elements in the stories, characters, movements, worlds and sounds she hears and sees. 


At her deepest level, Steph thinks of herself as a jazz musician and dancer, and she recognizes that they are just the beginning of where she gets to travel with her art. 


She’ll meet you in the stratosphere...

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